University of South Florida's
Association of Filipino Students




  1. When and where are meetings?

    Meetings are held in the Marshall Student Center room 3709 on Wednesdays at 5:30 -7:30 PM.

  2. What goes on during meetings?

    During AFS meetings, we hold activities such as ice breakers, give cultural presentations, update members on new events, dance practice, etc, and of course, stuff our faces. Meetings are a fun way to take a break from studying and bond with our fellow AFS-ers.

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  1. Do I have to be Filipino to join AFS?

    Absolutely not! People of all backgrounds, ethnicities,etc. are welcome to join AFS.

  2. How do I join AFS on Blackboard?

    1. Log into Blackboard.

    2. Click on the Student Life tab.

    3. Under the Student Organization box, click Search.

    4. Search under Multicultural organizations.

    5. Click on Association of Filipino Students

    6. Click Request to Join Organization.

  3. I go to HCC. Can I still become a member of AFS at USF?

    Yes, you can! AFS is open to anyone interested in Filipino culture and becoming involved in our organization's activities/events.

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  1. What is Kuya/Ate?

    Kuya/Ate is an activity where an older AFS member is matched up with a new, younger member, the Ading. Older members serve as mentors, to guide, advise and bond with their younger AFS-ers. 

  2. What is DTJ?

    DTJ: Def Talent Jam

    Def Talent Jam is a large talent competition held in Gainseville during the fall by the University of Florida. Filipino Student Associations across the southeast US, along with AFS at USF, compete with each other to win prizes and trophies, and most importantly, to prove which university has the best moves.

  3. What is Philfest?

    Philfest is a huge three-day celebration of Filipino culture held in Tampa. Food, live performances, merchandise and more can be found here! This event also features Revolution, where universities across Florida compete to win by performing hip hop dance numbers.

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